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Hydroxycut Review

We’ve written a Hydroxycut review because Hydroxycut is one of the best known weight loss supplements and has just been reformulated – but is it any good?

Go to the Hydroxycut website and you’ll see proudly trumpeted claims like, “New Advanced Hydroxycut – The Best Product in the World” and “Lose Weight Like Never Before”. Hmm, really…

Hydroxycut is promoted as a way to:

  • Control your appetite
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Burn calories
  • But is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

    The old Hydroxycut used the ubiquitous ephedra stack of ephedra (Ma Huang), guarana and willow herb.

    Now, there’s no denying that the old Hydroxycut was a reasonably effective weight loss supplement. Pretty much any Hydroxycut review would tell you that. But then most ephedra containing supplements were reasonably effective.

    However, with the widely publicised side-effects that ephedra allegedly caused, it was banned in the US and pretty much every ephedra containing supplement was reformulated.

    Hydroxycut was no exception and Muscle Tech, the manufacturer has come up with this latest offering.

    Hydroxycut Review – What’s in the New Hydroxycut…?

    Well, well, no surprises here then.

    Review after review, no matter which fat burner you look at, the usual suspects emerge from the ingredients label. Often bundled up into ‘uniquely effective’ formulations.

    And it’s no different with this Hydroxycut review.

    It’s not the ingredients themselves that make the product so effective, the manufacturers tell us, it’s the way they’re combined into their own special, proprietary formula that makes the difference!

    So, what have we got in Hydroxycut then…?

    Garcinia Cambogia

    We’ve reviewed garcinia cambogia, which the manufacturers claim is a “wonder ingredient”. We wouldn’t go anywhere like that far on the basis of independent research into garcinia.

    The evidence of its effectiveness for weight loss is limited and disputed.

    Hydroxycut uses a standardised source of 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA), the active ingredient in garcinia, which it claims is more than other products contain and is better absorbed by the body.

    HCA is promoted as an effective fat oxidiser and an appetite suppressant or carb blocker. On the basis of the available, independent research evidence, these claims are dubious at best.

    Green Tea

    Now this is an ingredient we like, which does have some credible scientific evidence to support its efficacy as a weight loss supplement.

    Take a look at our green tea review for more information.

    We like green tea and drink it regularly as a refreshing, invigorating energy booster.

    Clinical trials would suggest that it will increase your metabolic rate by an average of around 80 calories a day depending on whose research you read.

    At that rate, though, it’s not going to generate a huge amount of weight loss anytime soon!

    Green tea also contains caffeine, which can raise your metabolic rate by a modest amount, 20 calories or so a day at best.

    Gymnema Sylvestra

    Gymnema sylvestre is another herb we’ve looked at. It’s promoted as an appetite suppressant as it’s claimed to help balance blood sugar levels, which is important for fat metabolism and preventing insulin resistance.

    Some studies have indicated positive benefits for gymnema.

    Chromium Picolinate

    This crops up in most weight loss supplements and is claimed to help balance blood sugar levels.

    However, as our review of chromium picolinate as a weight loss supplement would suggest, it’s of little if any benefit.


    Emerging research suggests that calcium shows some promise as a weight loss supplement as calcium would seem to play a significant role in fat metabolism.

    However, dietary sources were found to be more beneficial than calcium supplements in this regard.

    Hydroxycut Review: The Bottom Line…

    Ho-hum, apologies for sounding a bit jaded in this Hydroxycut review, but after reading outrageous claim after outrageous claim about product after product you get a little bit cynical.

    Yes, Hydroxycut may well give you a little edge in the battle of the bulge.

    But the ability of the product to deliver significant results to an overweight public desperate to shell out on the latest new or reformulated weight loss formula is dubious at best.

    The manufacturer makes claims like, “I’ve also reviewed all of the available published studies on the other leading weight loss brands. In my opinion, nothing works better or faster than Hydroxycut.”

    All well and good, but if the other products have little if any benefit then that’s no great shakes really, is it!

    We also have trouble with claims like, “Lose up to 4.5 times the weight than diet and exercise alone”.

    Sure. But despite the research published on the product website, there’s nothing to suggest from the available research on the individual ingredients that you could expect anything like those kind of results.

    The manufacturer is very careful to ensure all it’s claims are qualified by the rider that Hydroxycut can help you get results when taken as a supplement to diet and exercise…and it may well do.

    If you really want to add Hydroxycut to your weight loss and fitness regimes, then give it a go.

    The numerous testimonials that the manaufacturer provides, including some from medical doctors would suggest that many people feel that they have benefited from taking Hydroxycut.

    It may well be of some benefit in balancing your blood sugar levels, and the thermogenic ingredients may help you to burn a few more calories.

    However, the conclusion we’ve reached in our Hydroxycut review is…don’t expect miracles!

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