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Spirit XT800 Treadmill Review

Spirit XT800 Treadmill

Our Spirit XT800 treadmill review looks at the top of the range XT series treadmill from Spirit. It’s not cheap! So how does it compare to the competition? In a word – very well. Sorry, that’s two words… The $2,000-$3,000 price range is packed with some exceptionally good machines. In this price bracket you can stop thinking about the corners ...

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Spirit XT600 Treadmill Review

spirit xt600 treadmill

Our Spirit XT600 treadmill review runs the rule over a highly rated machine from the much lauded Spirit XT range – is the praise justified? There’s little doubt that the massive investment that parent company Dyaco has invested in the Spirit brand has paid off. Gone are the ugly treadmills of the past, in are the sleek, clean lines of ...

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Fit for Life Diet Review

Fit For Life diet review

Our Fit for Life Diet review takes a look at one of the more bizarre diets of the past 20 years, a bestseller based on some rather eccentric food combining – but will you lose weight? The Fit for Life Diet was all the rage for a while in the 80s and Harvey Diamond and his ex-wife Marilyn sold millions ...

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Rowing for Effective And Faster Weight Loss

rowing for weight loss

Rowing for weight loss is simple and effective! It provides a great workout and burns a huge number of calories! Whether at home or in the gym using a rowing machine or giving it a go is a very good idea. On the water, rowing provides a tremendous workout that will improve your all-round fitness in no time at all. Rowing ...

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